• Loves singing hymns
  • Loves playing hymns
  • Hears of this thing called reharmonization...
  • Wants to try it but has no idea where to start...
Sound familiar?
Does the idea of reharmonizing a hymn intimidate you?
Then this course is perfect for you.

In our lessons, you will learn 5 simple reharmonization tactics. We will break down the concepts together, and you will get to apply your new skills in the real world.

Learn reharmonization techniques through my instructional videos and worksheets.

Excited?? Then let's get started!

-Hannah Cruse

Who Is Your Instructor?

Greetings, and welcome to The Church Musician's Assistant! 

I founded this business in October 2019 because I saw a huge need in the sacred music world for practical education. We church musicians come from all different backgrounds. Some find themselves making music for their church out of necessity. Others train for years at universities to be organists or music ministers. However, almost all musicians find themselves wholly unprepared for the reality of church work once it begins.

My journey to becoming a professional church musician started in high school. I had been playing the piano and oboe already for several years when the organist/director at my childhood church became disabled. My church turned to me for weekly keyboard and choral music. I figured it out on my own--like most of us do--and eventually took organ lessons my senior year. This God-sent experience instilled in me a foundational love for sacred music. At Southern Methodist University in Dallas, I studied organ and oboe performance simultaneously--at that time hoping to become a world-class symphony oboist. But I could not shake the nagging call to church work. Ultimately, I steered away from the competitive orchestral world and dove into a Masters of Sacred Music degree at Perkins School of Theology (Southern Methodist University). At this point, I have served five churches as either music director, organist, or keyboardist, and I pray to serve even more congregations in the future.

My professors and mentors inspired an undying passion for bringing the Holy Spirit to people through music. I strongly feel that it is my spiritual responsibility to steward not only my musical talents but also my practical knowledge. Because I believe music ministry is indispensable, I also desire to help others become ministers of music--whether they have fancy degrees or not. That is why I do what I do here at The Church Musician's Assistant. Educational courses, videos, and other content allows me to give back to the musical community exponentially.

This is my prayer: May I serve you so that you may serve your own communities, and in so doing, may we share God's beautiful presence with the multitudes.


Hannah Cruse


"Thanks Hannah - Great ideas, especially tips #4 & #5. Never tried these before!"

-Susan G.

"Awesome stuff!! Nothing else like it online."

-A. Sanyal

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