How to play Piano Hymns on the ORGAN | Transition from piano to organ

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2020

Think you can't play piano hymn accompaniments on the organ? Wrong! You can definitely transition back and forth from piano to organ and organ to piano. Check out this video for some style tips so that you can play hymns on any keyboard instrument with grace.

Download the free CHEAT SHEET that summarizes this video in one simple, printable page:

Looking for the reverse of this video? Here is a playlist of lessons on "How to play Organ Hymns on the Piano":

If you long to improve your hymn-playing skills and inspire your congregation to sing, my "Creative Hymn-Playing for Keyboardists COURSE" may be perfect for you! Even during the pandemic, we can do a lot of creative stuff with hymns and have a ways to grow as church musicians. LEARN MORE about the course here:


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How to practice music EFFICIENTLY | My practice method and tips

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2020

Hope this simple practice method helps you out. No need to over-complicate. Get it done and have fun!

Want to become a better church keyboardist? Take my extensive course, "Creative Hymn Playing for Keyboardists" to really take your playing to the next level.


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How to Teach Songs by ROTE | Congregational singing with Zoom, recorded video, or in-person worship

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2020

A simple technique for teaching and leading congregational songs during Zoom meetings, through pre-recorded videos, or at in-person worship services. Blessings!

Download an outline of my 12 ideas for engaging congregations musically during the pandemic:

Outline of hymn genres, their characteristics, and performance tips as you pick out songs to teach:

Get an idea of what your congregation is willing to try before you work hard on it! Congregational music ministry questionnaire template available here:

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Try these 3 THINGS with your congregation this Sunday! | Increase church participation

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2020

Take these three ideas and run with them! I think congregations will really appreciate any efforts we make to involve them in worship during this pandemic. Blessings, and best of luck.

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EASILY Improvise hymn solos | How to use existing intros & reharms

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2020

The easy method of improv for non-improvisers!

Improvise your own hymn-based solos using existing introductions and reharmonizations. I demonstrate 4 possibilities in this video, both on organ and piano.

***LINK to subscribe to my Hymn Accompaniment Library:

If you are interested in taking your hymn-playing to the highest level, check out my thorough online course called "Creative Hymn-Playing for Keyboardists":

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How to use Hymnal INDEXES to plan music for the whole year!

Uncategorized Jul 27, 2020

Learn how to utilize all of the planning resources in your hymnal in this comprehensive tutorial! All best. -Hannah


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Feeling directionless? Survey your choir for inspiration!

covid-19 resources Jun 25, 2020

It's the middle of summer. What do church choir directors do during the summer? Plan choir music for the fall! Except, will there even be choir music this year?? What are we going to do for our choir members???

In the spirit of fall planning, I created a survey specifically for choir members during COVID times. This survey is great for gauging a choir's excitement level, willingness to participate, and openness to trying new things. Download the survey template here. Feel free to customize for your own choir! 

I sent the survey out to a "sample choir" (don't want to reveal the church publicly for privacy's sake) and want to share the results with you all. You might find the them intriguing or even motivating. I'll step through each question and interpret the results one by one. 

The first question asks how eager choir members are to get involved in the music program this summer. Half of them are very eager, which is great news! Another half are probably willing to get...

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How to lead congregational song during the pandemic | Stay positive, be creative!

covid-19 resources Jun 09, 2020

Hope these 12 ideas inspire you to try some new things to keep your congregation engaged with music-making during the pandemic. Blessings to you in your music ministry!

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Resources mentioned in the video for free download:

Download an outline of what I talk about in the video here:

Outline of hymn genres, their characteristics, and performance tips:

Congregational music ministry questionnaire template available here:

ASL Dictionary online:

Tutorial for virtual choir audio and video editing:

Contact us for...

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God the Spirit, Guide, and Guardian | UMC History of Hymns publication

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2020

“God the Spirit, Guide and Guardian” sparkles as a hymn rich in theology, sincerity, and purpose. The hymn is, according to Daw, “an attempt to paraphrase the Greek term Paraklëtos (John14:26),” drawing inspiration from the traditional language of ordination rites, including classical ordination hymns like Veni creator spiritus and Veni sancte spiritus.....

Check out the full article by Hannah Cruse here

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UMC History of Hymns: 'Fairest Lord Jesus'

Uncategorized May 25, 2020

For over three hundred years, Christians have sung and cherished “Fairest Lord Jesus.” How did this multi-generational hymn of devotion arrive in the present day? Well, I hope you aren’t in a rush because this hymn has a long and complex past. As Carl Daw, Jr., notes, “This hymn provides a classic example of the persistence of erroneous information”..........

Read the full article here!

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