The Mission

Sacred music inspires us to be better humans in the world. It has the power to carry the Holy Spirit far and wide.

We are called as church musicians to bring Spirit-filled music to our communities and inspire change. But how? That's where The Church Musician's Assistant comes in.

Stick around if you desire the practical skills and knowledge you need to empower your congregation.

We are here to help you take your music ministry to the next level!

Founder and Instructor

Hi, I'm Hannah Cruse, founder of The Church Musician's Assistant. Welcome!

I believe that music ministry is indispensable to our spiritual lives. I feel a duty and desire to share my knowledge and skills so that others may inspire their communities through sacred music. That is why I create educational courses, sheet music, and more here at The Church Musician's Assistant. I pray that these resources will empower church musicians like you to lift up communities through Spirit-filled song!


"Thanks for all that you are doing to educate church musicians. There are so many now that have not gone to a seminary for their sacred music degree... Keep up the good work!"

- Thomas W.